Modern Luxury based on a time-honored tradition - Massage (nudd), Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Maximize the therapeutic benefit of massage with the best massage in Reykjavik, Iceland

Our lifestyle causes tension to build up in our bodies muscles. Make massage an integral component of a healthy lifestyle.

The lack of blood and lymphatic circulation means that the muscles do not on the one hand receive the oxygen and nutrients they need and on the other hand the system to extract the toxins is impaired.

Massage Benefits

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Mitigate pain

  • Get rid of tension

  • Help recovery

  • Help when things have not gone according to plan

  • Increase flexibility

  • Better your posture

  • Help you cope with pregnancy

  • Reduce negative feelings

  • Help recovery

  • Help manage various forms of stress

  • Awaken your body